Internal Verification Policy

Policy Statement

Internal Verification (IV) is the process of monitoring assessment practice in order to ensure that assessment decisions meet national standards. It provides a continuous check on the consistency, quality and fairness of the assessment of learners work.

The Inspire is committed to ensuring that standards of assessment and verification are consistent, transparent and in line with the requirements of our awarding bodies.

We aim to:


This policy relates to the Inspire accredited courses and applies to all internal moderation.
For the purpose of this policy, the term “IV” encompasses all forms of activity that check and validate assessment. It may be implemented through the systems of verification as required or laid down by examining or awarding bodies; or it may occur through formative and summative assessment and verification of learners work activities.


All staff should have a responsibility to give full and active support for the policy, and ensures as under:-

Monitoring and Evaluation

This policy will be monitored by the Training Manager/General Manager and verifiers and through established quality audit procedures.


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