Malpractice Policy

The Inspire training and consultancy treats all cases of suspected malpractice * very seriously and will investigate all suspected and reported incidents of possible malpractice. The purpose of this Policy is to set out how allegations of malpractice in relation to all qualifications are dealt with. The scope of the policy is to provide:

*The term ‘malpractice’ in this policy is used for both malpractice and maladministration.

Any act, or failure to act, that threatens or compromises the integrity of the assessment process or the validity of Inspire qualifications and their certification. This includes: maladministration and the failure to maintain appropriate records or systems; the deliberate falsification of records or documents for any reason connected to the award of qualifications; acts of plagiary is more other academic misconduct; and/orations that compromise the reputation, or of inspire, its centers, officers and employees.

(At examinations centre):

(If the study centre is also an examination centre):

i) This list is not exhaustive and other sanctions may be applied on a case-by-case basis.
ii) Where the malpractice affects examination performance, inspire may impose sanctions of its own.

Possible study centre sanctions that maybe applied to students

Possible sanctions that maybe applied to teachers, tutors invigilators, and other officers



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