Engineering Services

What if you could totally eliminate hazards through designs? What if your employees did not have to wear personal protective equipment to be safe?  What if your employees did not need specialized training to work safe?

Inspire Training & Consultancy Engineering Services Department will help you to eliminate hazards at their source. 

 The first approach to establish Safety is through Engineering. Making facilities, hardware, and equipment safe eliminates the hazards before employees are exposed.  

Our experienced professionals have unique distinction of being able to provide analytics and unprecedented creative solutions for facility and equipment designs and modifications.  They have a strong track record of designing and/or modifying equipment to eliminate hazards and deliver safe, efficient, low cost operating procedures.

Our experience as Consultant includes Plastics Manufacturing, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Construction, Agricultural & Industrial Chemicals, Equipment Manufacturing, Schools, Bio-Medical Manufacturing, Textiles, Healthcare Facilities, Nano Technology companies, and many other industries.  Due to broad background and exposure to numerous industries and facilities, our team oftentimes detects opportunities for improvement that are not considered problems, but have a very large benefit to the Operation, as a whole.  

Safety Engineering can involve building layouts, machine guarding, noise abatements, emergency stops, power interrupt disconnects, air flow, filtration, storage, product transfer, containment, and many other areas.  

Our Safety Engineering Services may include: 

  • process improvements
  • process re-design
  • machine guarding
  • interlocking
  • protection zones
  • auto-restart elimination
  • ventilation or evacuation systems
  • acoustic controls
  • guard railing
  • Or, even complete machine design from concept to operation

 If you would like to bring Inspire team to your company to explore how our engineering services department can improve your company’s operational efficiencies, Safety performance, and ultimately your company’s bottom line, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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